College Policies


Members of St Cross should be aware that the College operates as a department of the University of Oxford, and as such follows their policies and procedures. 



The College has devised a set of handbooks, each specific to the three different College memberships. These handbooks contain advice, guidance and regulations for life in College and Oxford as a whole.
They are updated annually and members are encouraged to fully familiarise themselves with the information.

Student Handbook

Members of Common Room Handbook

Fellows' Handbook

Staff Handbook - Support staff

Staff Handbook - Academic and academic-related staff

Staff Benefits Handbook

If you have any queries about the information in these handbooks please email the Bursary Administrator.

Governance & Committees

The college is governed by the Governing Body consisting of GB Fellows, which meets twice a term. Day-to-day business is delegated to an Executive Committee, which meets four times a term. Various committees meet to discuss college affairs and make recommendations to Executive Committee or Governing Body. There is an active Common Room Committee on which student members sit and a Student Representative Committee. Student representatives attend all Governing Body and Executive Committee meetings. There is also a Student Association for all Junior Members.

The Head of the College is the Master (Carole Souter). The principal College officers are: the Vice-Master (Professor Kevin Marsh), the Bursar (John Tranter), and the Dean (Dr Heather Hamill). Additional support for College members is provided by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fellow (Dr Shailendra Bhandare) and the Harrassment Advisors (Dr Paloma García-Bellido and Dr Matthew Erie). Apart from the Master and the Bursar, all other College officers hold their positions in conjunction with full-time posts in the University.

The unreserved Governing Body minutes from previous meetings can be found on Weblearn.