College Policies


Members of St Cross should be aware that the College operates as a department of the University of Oxford, and as such follows their policies and procedures. 



The College has devised a set of handbooks, each specific to the three different College memberships. These handbooks contain advice, guidance and regulations for life in College and Oxford as a whole.
They are updated annually and members are encouraged to fully familiarise themselves with the information.

Junior Members' Handbook

Members of Common Room Handbook

Fellows' Handbook

Staff Handbook - Support staff

Staff Handbook - Academic and academic-related staff

Staff Benefits Handbook

If you have any queries about the information in these handbooks please email the Bursary Administrator.

Governance & Committees

The college is governed by the Governing Body consisting of GB Fellows, which meets twice a term. Day-to-day business is delegated to an Executive Committee, which meets four times a term. Various committees meet to discuss college affairs and make recommendations to Executive Committee or Governing Body. There is an active Common Room Committee on which student members sit and a Student Representative Committee. Student representatives attend all Governing Body and Executive Committee meetings. There is also a Student Association for all Junior Members.

The Head of the College is the Master. The principal College officers are: the Vice- Master, the Bursar, the Senior Tutor and the Dean. Apart from the Master and the Bursar all other College officers hold their positions in conjunction with full-time posts in the University.

The unreserved Governing Body minutes from previous meetings can be found on Weblearn.


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