Dr Elizabeth Frood

Dr Elizabeth Frood

Associate Professor of Egyptology; Vice-chair of the Faculty of Oriental Studies


Research Interests
  • Ancient Egyptian self-presentation, including biographies, graffiti, and visual representation
  • Sacred space and landscape
  • Social structure and organization

My research centres on the self-presentation of Egyptian elites in the Old Kingdom through to the early first millennium BCE, with an emphasis on the late New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period. This involves the interpretive analysis of textual sources, particularly non-royal monumental inscriptions and graffiti, and encompasses their broader physical settings, including image, media, architectural space, and landscape. My forthcoming monograph focuses on biographical texts of the late New Kingdom and explores how individuals fashioned distinct selves within different spatial contexts. I also work with the Centre Franco-Égyptien d’Étude des Temples de Karnak to edit and publish graffiti and secondary inscriptions in the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak. This work began with the temple of Ptah, in the northern part of the complex, and we are now working on a new project to publish the eighth pylon.



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