Jaimie McIntosh


jaimie mcintosh

Jaimie McIntosh

Social Secretary, SRC


As Social Secretary, Jaimie is responsible for the planning and execution of social events within the College. These shall include, but not be limited to, bops (up to three per term), exchange dinners, events during Freshers' Week, and other social events throughout the year. The most time-consuming event for the social secretary shall be the Summer Ball. Jaimie may chair a working committee on planning, organizing and executing the event. As social secretary, Jaimie is also responsible for ensuring that all of the requirements of the College's Bop, Ball, and Summer Party Rules are fulfilled and that the Summer Ball operates in such a manner as to provide the maximum entertainment for members of the college but does not jeopardise the Student Representative Committee's budget.

Jaimie shares the responsibilities of social secretary with Samuel Thomas & Galina Boskh.