Agatha Christie’s puzzles decoded by St Cross Emeritus Fellow & spouse in Plots, Clues, and Misdirections

tony and sally hope book


St Cross College Emeritus fellow and wife publish new book - Agatha Christie: Plots, Clues and Misdirections

Tony and Sally Hope’s book delves into Agatha Christie's timeless appeal by highlighting her unparalleled puzzle quality and ground breaking contributions to detective fiction. The book explores her mastery in crafting intricate puzzles through diverse plots and subtle misdirection, revealing the hidden complexity behind the seemingly simple nature of her writing. The book is available for purchase at various bookstores, such as WHSmith & Blackwell’s

Retired doctors, Sally and Tony met during their time studying medicine at Oxford, share a decades-long tradition of reading Agatha Christie novels. On their first holiday, they read aloud, discussing possible solutions before concluding each story, a ritual they've continued for over forty years, analysing all of Christie's crime novels together. 

As Oxford's first Professor of Medical Ethics, Tony's focus on Alzheimer's research and founding the Ethox Centre underscores his expertise. Noteworthy works like The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine defines his influential contributions. Sally, a retired general practitioner, showcased her effective communication skills during her six-year tenure as the medical columnist for Best magazine, bridging the gap between complex medical concepts and a broader audience. Together, Tony and Sally bring a wealth of expertise to their collaborative efforts. 


Heartiest congratulations both!