St Cross Fellows Dan Hicks and Rana Mitter contribute to new book: 'What is History, Now?'

Dan Hicks

Professor Dan Hicks

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St Cross Fellows Dan Hicks, Professor of Contemporary Archaeology, and Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, have contributed chapters to a landmark new history volume - What is History, Now?.

The book addresses the burning issue of how we interpret history today. It is inspired by the influential text What is history?, authored by co-editor Helen Carr's great-grandfather, E.H. Carr and published on the 60th anniversary of that book.

What is History, Now? covers topics such as the history of racism and anti-racism, queer history, the history of faith, the history of disability, environmental history, escaping imperial nostalgia, hearing women's voices and 'rewriting' the past.

What is history now? book by Helen Carr and Suzannah Lipscomb

The list of contributors includes Justin Bengry, Leila K Blackbird, Emily Brand, Gus Casely-Hayford, Sarah Churchwell, Caroline Dodds Pennock, Peter Frankopan, Bettany Hughes, Dan Hicks, Onyeka Nubia, Islam Issa, Maya Jasanoff, Rana Mitter, Charlotte Riley, Miri Rubin, Simon Schama, Alex von Tunzelmann and Jaipreet Virdi.

The book can be pre-ordered now.