Boon Lim and team's rapid COVID-19 test now in use at Heathrow Airport


Boon Lim and his team at Heathrow, wearing masks and lab coats.

Boon Lim (left) and team at the Heathrow testing centre

St Cross student Boon Lim (DPhil, Synthetic Biology) is part of a team that has developed a new rapid viral RNA test for COVID-19. The Oxsed RaViD Direct test is accurate (92%-100% sensitivity) and provides results in 15-30 minutes.

This test is now being used at Heathrow Airport to screen pre-departure passengers, and is being trialled at Hong Kong International Airport for arriving passengers, part of the anticipated travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong.

Discussions are now underway to test at further international airports. The spinout company responsible for the development of the test, Oxsed, has been acquired by Prenetics, a Hong Kong-based company. They will now work together with the team to roll out the testing globally, focusing on low- and middle-income countries.

You can read more about the test here.