Travel & Research Fund

Academic Travel, Research, and Language Support Grants

All students at St Cross College may apply for Academic Travel/Research/Language Support Grants of up to a maximum of £250 for every year up to three years of any course on which they are a student at the College (DPhil students may apply for a maximum of £500 in one application and 2-year Master's students may apply for a maximum of £375 in one application).

The Travel and Research Fund has a maximum amount available each term, so applications are judged competitively and not all applications will be successful. Applications received for activities taking place more than 4 months after the application deadline will not be considered until the following gathered field.

In normal circumstances the College’s Travel & Research Fund supports students who need to travel in order to undertake research or attend conferences. Whilst such travel is not possible due to COVID-19, the Fund has been repurposed to provide support for students needing additional equipment, software or study materials that support studying, working and research at this time, including software, language courses, computer storage, or journal subscriptions that cannot be arranged through the Librarian. Books, e-books and most journal access should still be requested through the Librarian ( 

Applications can also be made, exceptionally, for expenditure incurred since 23 March 2020, as long as full receipts are available.

The following should be read carefully and taken into consideration before applying for a grant from the Fund:
1. Funding should be sought for academic or clearly academic-related needs. The Fund cannot support payments or other benefits given to research assistants or survey/experiment participants.
2. Every effort should be made to secure other funding.
3. Grants for sporting activities are not awarded from the Travel and Research Fund; these grants should be applied for via a separate application process and will be considered by the Student Representative Committee. Details are available here.
4. Students who receive a grant will be expected to submit details of their bank account, and receipts showing what the grant has been spent on, to the Academic Office ( to arrange payment.

How to apply

The Fund has a fixed amount available. Applications can be made via this form and must be submitted by 12:00 Friday 28 May 2021. Late applications will not be considered.