The Subsequent Expansion

A new meeting room, the St Cross Room, was also provided. The new buildings were completed for the beginning of Hilary Term 1993.  All this took place during the stewardship of the third Master, Richard C. Repp.

After the College's move to St Giles in 1981, the College maintained ownership of the land and the two buildings on St Cross Road. For most of the time between 1981 and 1995 they were let to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. In 1995 it was decided to develop the site for student accommodation, to be undertaken jointly with Brasenose College. The ‘wooden hut' was demolished in July of 1995, with the new St Cross Road Annexe opened on 25 September 1996.

For further details on St Cross Road, see Kenneth Hylson-Smith, A History of Holywell and the St Cross College/Brasenose Residential Site  (Oxford, 1993).

A new agreement was drawn up in 2007 to give the College and Pusey House a new joint lodge and to rearrange some of the space of the St Giles site. It was signed on 17 October 2007.