Research in Verse Prize Competition

The inaugural Research in Verse Prize Competition is open this term to all current students. Shortlisted applicants will each present their Oxford academic research in any style of rhyming verse form in an online Zoom event to be held later this term
in 7th Week. The winner of the Prize Competition will receive a prize award of £300.

The verse content should be accessible to the layperson and focus on the importance of the student's research in the overall field together with any results or outcomes obtained to date and their relevance. This should be written in rhyming verse form with between 25 to 40 lines in total.

The verse reading event will be open to all members of College and the successful winner of the Prize Competition for the best verse will be voted on in a live Zoom poll by everyone attending.

Interested applicants should send a copy of their titled research in verse as a Word/PowerPoint file to the Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes) at by 17:00 on Friday 21 May.