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St Cross has around 187 student rooms to offer across 5 sites around Oxford. The accommodation is all self-catering and non-smoking. A summary can be seen below, but for further details on College accommodation and exactly what each property has to offer, please use the links to the left-hand side. We also have allocation of single ensuite rooms convenient to the John Radcliffe Hospital via the University Accommodation Office.

Property Number of Rooms Categories Available Tenancy Length
Annexe 49 2 44 weeks
Bradmore Road 9 1 - 4, plus a flat for couples 44 weeks
Cavalier Court 13 Large and standard singles 45 weeks
Main Site      
South Wing 18 1 - 3 44 weeks
West Wing ~50 A, B, C & D (inc. 2 for couples) 50 weeks
Stonemason House 44 Doubles and Singles 50 weeks
14 Wellington Square 8 1 & 4, plus a suite for couples 44 weeks
15 Wellington Square 9 1, 2 & 4 44 weeks

Please note that rental prices are subject to a yearly increase each August.

The location of all sites can be viewed using Google Maps; please note that the individual postcodes of each property are listed, and all distances mentioned are found from Google maps. It is the student's own responsibility to ensure that the location of their preferred property is suitable for them, and to check distances to their individual departments. 

When deciding which property you wish to live in, please bear in mind the length of your course compared to the length of the tenancy, as you enter into an agreement to pay rent for the total number of weeks. If your course ends in July a 44-week tenancy may suit you more. If you know that you will need to stay over the summer the 50-week option may be better suited to your needs.

Living in College accommodation offers good value for money, and monthly rental charges include the following:

  • Utility bills - including electricity, gas and water
  • Cleaning - a cleaner will clean your room once a week, and clean the communal areas 3 times a week (not including Cavalier Court)
  • Repairs and maintenance - from changing a light bulb to unblocking a sink
  • Gardening and grounds maintenance
  • Internet connection

Most importantly, it allows students the opportunity to focus fully on their studies, as all the potentially stressful aspects of renting are handled for you by the College.


All rooms are categorised and several factors are considered in the categorisation, including size, location and facilities offered. We do not provide information on the exact dimensions of rooms, but categorisation is an indication. Weekly rental charges for each category are as follows:

The majority of rooms fall under these categories:

1 £174.04
2 £168.78
3 £157.85
4 £140.97


We also have our ensuite West Wing accommodation:

A - Large Double               £204.20            
B - Double £193.45
C - Single £182.71
D - Small single £166.58


In addition, we can offer ensuite accommodation at Stonemason House which we have secured from a private landlord on your behalf:

Stonemason Double £180.77
Stonemason Single £169.07


As well as ensuite rooms at Cavalier Court via the University Accommodation Office:

Large single £627.11/month
Standard single £595.58/month



Accommodation for couples

The College has two properties available for couples. One is a suite of rooms at 14 Wellington Square, and one is a flat at Bradmore Road. The College also offers two double rooms on the West Wing for double occupancy.

Suite of rooms - Wellington Square  £217.00
Bradmore Road - Flat £259.01
West Wing Double Occupancy Room (2 offered) £231.07


Further details can be found at the appropriate property links. Please note the College does not have any family accommodation available, however the University accommodation Office does.


For information regarding how to pay College rents etc, please refer to the Payment Leaflet.


A £550 (single) or £850 (couples) deposit is required from students when they enter College accommodation at the beginning of the Academic year. You will be sent two separate invoices for this amount, the first being your Room Holding Deposit Invoice for the amount of £100 or £200 (couples) of which you will receive after your financial declaration has been approved. You will then receive your accommodation invoice which will also include your annual deposit of £450 or £650 (couples). Current students who are in College at the time of application will have their deposit carried over to the next year.

The deposit will be kept in a special deposit account with the University of Oxford. To reduce the likelihood of disputes over deposits, the College and the tenant should carry out a detailed inventory and also record the condition of the property. In the case of disputes the tenant should firstly discuss the problem with the Accommodation Office and then the Domestic Bursar.

The deposit will be repaid to the student when they finish their course or when they will not be returning to College accommodation, with deductions made for damage, non-return of keys etc if applicable. Any damage caused throughout the academic year will be invoiced immediately. You will need to complete the Request for Return of Outstanding Deposits Form.

Further Information

Please note that College accommodation is supplied on condition that the Tenancy Agreement is upheld.

The links below also provide further details about College accommodation: