Yat Suen (Liz) Cheng

Liz Cheng

St Cross Medical Sciences Divisional Scholarship

Joining us from: Hong Kong

MSc in Integrated Immunology (2020)

I am originally from Hong Kong but moved to Beijing when I was 6 where I spent the rest of my primary and secondary school years. I then moved to London for my undergraduate studies. I have recently graduated (2020) with a Bachelor of Science (First-class) degree in Biomedical Sciences from University College London. I began to gain interest in immunology in the first year of my undergraduate studies. I then continued to pursue my interest by selecting immunology-related courses in the remaining years of my undergraduate studies and also through various laboratory research projects. These experiences helped to secure my interest in immunology, especially in the immunology of infection. 

As I would like to undertake a career in immunology research, I believe that it is of importance for me to pursue more comprehensive studies in this field. The main reason I decided to attend the University of Oxford was because I personally felt that the all-encompassing and comprehensive nature of the MSc in Integrated Immunology course, from taught content in both basic and clinical immunology to the opportunity to conduct hands-on laboratory-based research, best complements the knowledge and skills that I have developed during my undergraduate studies.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and running – it is a great way to relieve stress and to clear my mind!

It is an honour to receive the St Cross Medical Sciences Divisional Scholarship. Above all, the Scholarship has given me reassurance in my academic abilities allowing me to be more confident when exploring intellectually stimulating questions and when voicing my own ideas and opinions in various academic settings. Together, I believe that this reassurance will allow me to best maximise my learning during my year at Oxford and thus will undoubtedly be important in my journey towards a future in immunology research in which I aspire to make valuable contributions to the field. I would like to sincerely thank all the donors who have kindly contributed to the scholarships at St Cross.