Vishaka Ramesh

Vishaka Ramesh

St Cross Faculty of Law Scholarships

Joining us from: Mumbai, India

BCL (2021)

I grew up in Mumbai, India, and graduated from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, India. The foremost value my parents instilled in me growing up was the importance of education, and of always keeping an open mind when it comes to learning. My curiosity for learning about a diversity of perspectives and areas led to my interest in public international law. This was also a driving force behind the activities I pursued throughout law school.

My research interest focuses on public international law, which primarily relates to the legal system applicable to relations between States. I particularly enjoy working on emerging issues that are currently unresolved under international law, such as the regulation of autonomous systems. International law provides a unique opportunity for academic work to directly impact the creation of standards in practice. I believe it further provides the space for meaningful international cooperation, particularly when it comes to contemporary issues of transnational importance – creating a real impact on individual lives. I am also interested in the interdisciplinary nature of international law, which often requires understanding various legal, political, social and economic perspectives.

I decided to undertake the BCL at the University of Oxford as it combines its history of excellence with the opportunity to interact with a diversity of ideas and perspectives both within and outside the field. The research and practical work undertaken at various research centres in Oxford across a number of areas in international law are often at the forefront of the discourse and development in the field, making a significant positive contribution. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from their experiences and believe the BCL at Oxford provides me with the perfect opportunity for social as well as intellectual diversity.

I am grateful to St Cross College and the Law Faculty for the Scholarship because it has not only provided me with the financial support required to undertake the course at Oxford but also the unparalleled opportunity to interact with a community of scholars across a variety of fields at the College. Being a graduate college, St Cross further provides the perfect opportunity to have meaningful interactions with individuals at similar stages of their lives and careers and to form a more tight-knit community of students.