Stefenie Griggs

stefenie griggs

Graduate Access Awards

Joining us from: Oregon, USA

MBA (2021)

I am originally from a small, rural town in Oregon (USA). After finishing high school, I moved to Philadelphia to complete my undergrad degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Political Science with a minor in African Studies. After graduating, I spent the next few years managing international development projects in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda. Most recently, I worked at the local health department in my hometown coordinating mobile COVID vaccine clinics to reach remote, last-mile areas as well as migrating communities.

Overseeing international development projects across Ghana, Sudan, Uganda, and Sierra Leone, I have seen the detrimental effects that the lack of proper transportation has on rural communities: access to necessary utilities and services are limited, economic prospects are restricted, and traveling conditions are dangerous, even deadly. After witnessing these effects firsthand in last-mile communities, I have become steadfast in my conviction of working on sustainable transportation and infrastructure solutions. These experiences, coupled with my desire to positively impact vulnerable communities, have led to my decision to pursue an MBA. I hope to take the skills I learn from Saïd Business School (SBS) to work on innovative, sustainable transportation solutions.

In addition to the global mindset offered at SBS, the University’s handling of COVID-19 was a major factor in my school selection. It was very important to me to choose a school that demonstrated compassion and sensible policies for its students regarding the pandemic, which was unfortunately not a universal practice. I chose St Cross for its vast international diversity. Working in many countries with different cultures, languages, and religions, I have always cherished cultural exchange, so this was important for me in my decision process for choosing a college.

The award from St Cross has helped the financial burden of attaining my degree. I come from a middle-class family in rural Oregon. Working in the non-profit industry in international development the past few years has been so fulfilling, but unfortunately, I had to make personal financial sacrifices working in this industry. I am very grateful for the St Cross Graduate Access Award for helping me to achieve my goals.