Rouven Diekjobst

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St Cross / Law Faculty Scholarship

Joining us from: Germany

Magister Juris (2022)

I am Rouven Diekjobst, 25 years old, and a first-year postgraduate student at St Cross. Before commencing my studies in Oxford, I finished my undergraduate law degree in Germany. 

My focus during my postgraduate studies will lie on international law and constitutional law, two subjects that have already fascinated me during my undergraduate studies. I became interested in public international law through a Moot Court competition in 2018/19 and have worked as a student/research assistant at a chair for public law and public international law in Germany. This has further sparked my interest for international and also constitutional law.

I am a big football fan (of a notoriously unsuccessful German team) and have played and refereed before coming to Oxford. Here, I would like to join St Cross’ football team. Moreover, I am interested in politics and have a passion for debating and mooting; I volunteer as the Coach for Oxford’s Jessup Moot Court team and am a member of the Oxford Union, where I regularly attend talks and debates. Recently, I also attended events at the Oxford Socratic Society and the Oxford Union Labour Club.

Receiving a scholarship from St Cross has been an immense honour. The scholarship has been a great relief and allows me to focus more on my studies and volunteering, and to keep the (necessary) paid work to a minimum. To be recognised amongst so many incredibly talented students has filled me with pride, but also a sense of responsibility; I want to pursue an academic career and will keep doing my best to support more junior students.

Oxford truly is an outstanding university and city, and the incredible St Cross community has only made the experience so far even better!