Nic Dillon

programme image nic dillon

Management Consultant, Nous Group

Currently based in: London, UK

MPhil Socio-Legal Research (2018)

Talk to me about: Management consulting; Public policy; Government-adjacent opportunities; Choosing London; Choosing to leave Law

Nic completed an MPhil in Socio-Legal Research focusing on parliamentary processes and human rights in 2019 and he now works as a management consultant focusing on public policy at Nous Group in London. Nic previously worked as a management consultant in Australia after he completed his undergraduate studies in law and political science. Management consulting was not the obvious choice for Nic. He also considered careers in the civil service, law, academia and politics. Ultimately, he chose management consulting at a firm with a public policy and strategy focus because it provided a balance of deep research, exploring a variety of new ideas, engaging with government, and collaborative work.

Despite how much he enjoyed his time at St Cross, he's confident that management consulting fits his temperament better than academia does. Before St Cross, Nic mainly worked with government departments on topics including public data policy, healthcare management, and organisational strategy. Since he left St Cross, Nic’s work has focused on universities, with some work with healthcare and government.

Advice to St Cross students: Study’s essential but it’s easy to emphasise it too much. Take the opportunity to have the long lunch learning about someone else’s research. Join the club that piqued your interest. Let yourself explore. If you’re lucky, your plans at the end of your time at St Cross will be completely different from your plans before. 


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