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Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship

Joining us from: Wales, UK

Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP (DPhil) (2023)

During my recent masters degree, I investigated the role of vesicle trafficking in mediating the plant response to salinity stress. Specifically, my work aimed to characterise the mechanism of how vesicle associated membrane proteins and their interaction partners redistribute how the plant hormone auxin at the root tip in order to regulate its growth and development. This process represents a rapid and dynamic physiological adaptation to salt contaminated soil conditions. 

For my DPhil research project, I’d like to continue a similar line of research investigating root development in response to certain abiotic stresses. Since plants are unable to physically move away from harsh environmental soil conditions, they have developed complex molecular machinery to ensure their survival. 

As a relatively small graduate college, St. Cross has a friendly and close-nit cohort of students. I found it very easy to make friends and have met people from all over the world. With the connection with Pusey House, St. Cross is also very aesthetically pleasing. It is also great that students share facilities with the Fellows on equal terms which means we are able to have fascinating discussions over dinner during the college halls and formals. The food at St. Cross is also some of the best in Oxford.

I am honoured to receive the Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship as I intend to have a career in plant biotechnology and food security. Therefore, this scholarship offers great networking opportunities at the annual Lorna Casselton Memorial lecture that takes place at the college.