Marshia Shaily

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Commonwealth Scholar

Joining us from: Bangladesh

DPhil Engineering Science

I am Marshia, and I am from Bangladesh. I finished my bachelor’s and master’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Dhaka where later I served as a faculty member for almost 3 years. 

When I was in my master’s, I had to take some courses in biomedical engineering and neural network. Those courses intrigued me greatly to switch my field and start working in biomedical field. I did my master’s research in biomedical engineering and received the National Science and Technology Fellowship for my research. I received a gold medal for my undergraduate result in 2018. 

My current research is focused on detecting and predicting various neurological disorders at an early stage from various biomarkers using multi-modalities. 

During my time off, I love painting, watching movies and series, and reading books. I am always up for a chat about good movies and series! After coming to Oxford, I have developed some more hobbies, for example on weekends you will most probably find me in Waterstones-immersed in some book or in colleges or museums-getting lost in the architectural and historical beauty. 

Getting accepted into Oxford has been nothing but a dream come true for me. But I couldn't bear the expenses without a scholarship, then the Commonwealth scholarship came into play and made the dream come into reality. 

Before coming to Oxford, I used to watch YouTube videos of Oxford and its many colleges. The Saugman Common Room and St Cross College quad caught my attention, as they gave me a feeling of warmth. From watching YouTube videos to being in those rooms within the span of a few months. Life surely is full of surprises! Now the college is not just a place of warmth, but a place of meeting new and brilliant people, making new friends, having fun and experiencing new stuff with friends, last but not the least, devouring those scrumptious meals! 

I want to do something novel during my DPhil research which will help people who suffer from neurological disorders at least to some extent. I want to implement my research outcome in Bangladesh and help the people there as well. Lastly, I continuously work to be a better human being, the best version of myself.