Professor Mark Robinson

mark robinson

MA Oxf, PhD Lond

Professor Mark Robinson


Emeritus Fellow and Garden Master

Professor of Environmental Archaeology


Research summary

My research currently covers three areas of environmental archaeology: Holocene changes in the British insect fauna in relation to past human activity, botanical aspects of Roman diet and the environment of the Bay of Naples area of Italy. Fieldwork is being undertaken at Pompeii. A fourth area of research is in the genetic make-up of the British population in relation to archaeological and historical evidence for past population movements, working with geneticists and medical statisticians of the People of the British Isles project. I have recently completed a major review of the archaeology of the Thames Valley (the Thames through Time project) with Oxford Archaeology. An earlier research theme, the environmental archaeology of flooding and alluviation in the Thames Valley, has again become topical.

  • MA Zoology (University of Oxford)
  • PhD (Institute of Archaeology, University of London)
  • Lecturer, Oxford University School of Archaeology
    Director, Environmental Archaeology Unit of the OUMNH