Lee Sims

lee sims

Lee Sims

Clarendon Fund Partnership Award with St. Cross E.P. Abraham Scholarship and Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine Studentship


Joining us from: United States

DPhil in Clinical Medicine, 2023

I am a DPhil student in Clinical Medicine, focusing on vaccinology and formulation science, originally from a small town in Kentucky, USA. Prior to coming to Oxford, I attained an M.Eng. in Bioengineering and an M.Sc. in Epidemiology and have worked with various government agencies in the U.S. managing portfolios of biomedical research grants.

My research interests are at the intersections of bioengineering, materials science, and immunology/vaccinology. While at Oxford, my doctoral research will focus on understanding the role of antigen kinetics in inducing a robust immune response and developing formulations that can modulate antigen availability upon single-dose vaccination.

Outside of the lab, I am a lover of all things coffee and books. I spent my first few weeks getting to know the city by hoping from coffee shop to coffee shop. I also enjoy running (I did the Oxford half marathon in decent time) and playing tennis. I’m giving rowing with the College a try this term as well!

I am tremendously grateful and honoured to be the recipient of a Clarendon Fund partnership award with St. Cross and the Nuffield Department of Medicine. Without this financial support, I would not be able to pursue doctoral studies here at Oxford. I am also very fortunate to be at St. Cross. During my short time with the College, I’ve come to know it as a great community that is very welcoming and supportive.