Dr John Tiffany

john tiffany

MA PhD Camb

Dr John Tiffany

Emeritus Fellow 


John Tiffany worked for over thirty years in the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, undertaking extensive research on the physical and biochemical properties of human and animal tears and accessory secretions. Since changes in many of these are involved in the complex of disorders known as dry eye, he helped to explore these and to develop laboratory and clinical tests for tear insufficiency and changes in tear quality. Most recently, he has collaborated with applied mathematicians in developing models for the production and stability of the extremely thin film of tear fluid across the exposed surface of the eye.

In St Cross, an earlier interest in heraldry led him to propose adoption of a coat of arms for the College, which led to a long-drawn campaign, ultimately successful, to obtain a Grant of Arms for our present insignia (shield, crest, motto and badge), and their use for many purposes by the student body and College administration.

He served at various times on the Executive Committee and was President of Common Room. On his retirement in 2007 he was made an Emeritus Fellow of the College.