Han Lee

Community Bursary Award Holder

Joining us from: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

MBA (2020)

Born in southern countryside of Taiwan, I am the first generation in my family to receive higher education overseas. I completed my undergraduate study in National Cheng Kung University with a major in foreign language and literature and a minor in Spanish. Despite my passion in studying humanities and social science, I wanted to gain more practical experience in the real world. Hence, I later took a completely different path. Upon graduating from college, I went to China and Hong Kong to start my career in supply chains and management. Throughout my career, I’ve been focusing on building sustainable supply chains in Asia Pacific region including China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Taiwan. My projects covered from execution, operation to education. I worked on product integrity to ensure factories across different countries complied with social responsibilities. We helped factories in different regions to lower the risk of worker’s occupational injury, enhance operational efficiency, prohibit child labour issues, lower environmental pollution and increase workers' welfare. 

I came to Oxford for the MBA (Master in Business Administration) program hoping that I could combine my humanities background and business knowledge to solve the world scale problem. My program focuses not only on business but also on ESG, social impact, and cultural diversity that enables me to use business as a medium to further make positive impact on society. The St Cross international graduate community also enables me to get to know people from different professional and academic backgrounds. Over the past few months in St Cross, I’ve engaged in lots of activities and built great connections with many excellent St Crossers. I enjoy exchanging our diverse experience and perspectives together and I learn simply from listening to their stories.  

I am sincerely honoured to be selected as one of the recipients of this year’s Community Bursaries. The generous bursary has allowed me to continue pursue my passion, develop my talents and enjoy the experience in Oxford, especially during this challenging year. In the years ahead, I would like to continue combine my passion, skillsets and humanities thinking to leverage my previous supply chain experience and make positive impact on the industry. I believe building up a sustainable supply chain could boost job opportunities in local communities, streamline local operations, lower local environmental pollution and offer high-quality products to the world. As one of this year’s community bursary scholars, the honour will always remind me how I should leverage my skills and resources to take initiative in bringing positive impact on the environment and make the best decision not only for ourselves but for the community.