Giovanni Rosso

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Godfrey Tyler Scholarship in Economics

Joining us from: Italy

DPhil Economics (2022)

I am a doctoral student from Torino, Italy. Before coming to Oxford, I received an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in Philosophy and Logic from the LSE. 

My focus of interest is on macroeconometrics, time series econometrics, and international macroeconomics. Namely, I am interested in empirically studying the dynamics of cross-border lending and the international spillovers of monetary policy, together with the trade-offs they imply for policymakers.  I am also interested in the optimal design of institutions that can generate risk-sharing across countries via countercyclical lending.

Outside the econ-sphere, I row for the college boat club and I am an amateur baroque musician. I also try to keep up with recent developments in my old field of philosophy of causation and counterfactuals. 

I am very grateful for the Godfrey Tyler Scholarship, which enables me to advance my research agenda and prepare me for a career at the intersection of economics and policy.