Gargi Chaturvedi

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Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship

Joining us from: India

Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP) (Full-time) (2022)

I have completed my Bachelors in Zoology, from the University of Delhi and my Masters in Life Sciences from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. I have worked in the fields of Cellular Biology, Immunology and Plant Molecular Biology. 

For my PhD, I will be working with Dr Laura Moody in trying to decipher the molecular pathways involved in 2D to 3D transition of plants. I have worked on phyllid development in moss for my master's thesis project and this has helped me understand my curiosity and love for molecular studies with an evolutionary perspective. 

I chose Dr. Laura Moody’s lab for my PhD because of the questions she is trying to answer, and the University because of the various facilities it offers. The interdisciplinary course also offers many other wonderful opportunities including internships and exposure to coursework in fields including mathematics, programming etc. 

I enjoy swimming, sketching, painting, and cooking. I also love teaching children and have volunteered as a science and language tutor at orphanages and online platforms. Apart from these I also enjoy reading, trekking, and traveling. 

I am grateful for the Scholarship from St Cross and it has exposed me to the community at the College. I tend to keep short term goals and wish to complete my PhD properly and pursue a post doc in my field of interest.