Brian Micheni

Brian Micheni

Community Bursary Award Holder

Joining us from: Chogoria, Kenya

MSc in Education, Comparative and International Education (2020)

Brian is an alumnus of Chuka University, Kenya and the University of Cape Town in South Africa. His background is in Education and he is currently studying as a Rhodes scholar in Oxford. Brian’s key research interests are focused around curriculum reforms in developing countries and issues of equity and quality in education in the developing world. Whilst volunteering with educational projects in Kenya and Uganda, Brian was exposed to a number of issues which led him to develop a keen interest in educational policy and a passion for the improvement of education systems through policy. He aspires to return to Kenya after his studies and work in the Ministry of Education as a policy-maker. Brian is particularly passionate about equity in access to good quality education.

The St Cross Community Bursary has been pivotal in enabling Brian to take his place at St Cross and continue his personal development. The scholarship has greatly helped to enrich Brian’s experiences at the University of Oxford and has given him the opportunity to be able to participate in various academic and extracurricular activities as well as his primary research. Brian selected St Cross as his first due to its wide diversity enabling him to be part of a truly global College community here in Oxford.