Professor Amy Bogaard

bogaard amy

BA Bryn Mawr College; MSc PhD Sheff​​​​​
​Departmental profile

Professor Amy Bogaard

Emeritus Fellow

Professor of Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology

Research Interests

Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology; archaeobotany; early farming practice and land use in Europe and western Asia; present-day traditional farming practice; stable isotopes and palaeodietary studies; social inequality. 

Geographic Areas

Europe and western Asia

Research Activities
  • Exploring the Dynamics and Causes of Prehistoric Land Use Change in the Cradle of European Farming (EXPLO) project (European Research Council, PI Bogaard)
  • Feeding Anglo-Saxon England (FEEDSAX) project (European Research Council, PI Hamerow)
  • The Agricultural Origins of Urban Civilization (AGRICURB) project (European Research Council, PI Bogaard)
  • Excavations on the Lower Gypsades hill, Knossos, Crete
Research Awards

Shanghai Archaeology Forum Research Award for AGRICURB (ERC) and Crop stable isotope (NERC) projects (2015)