Alexandra Kasseri

alexandra kasseri

Founder and CEO, Pyxida 

Currently based in: London, UK

DPhil in Classical Archaeology, 2010

Talk to me about: academia, management/strategy consulting, social connectivity, digital transformation, e-commerce, equality in the workspace, career change, internships, international education

I have been curious about the world from a very young age. I started my career in Greece and Italy where I studied History and Archaeology and quickly, got involved with digital technology and worked in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, US. Following that I pursued graduate studies at Oxford and following my studies I was sent to Brussels with a post-doctoral fellowship to publish my doctoral thesis, as a book.

I soon realised that I wanted a change from the academic career, so I went to China with an Oxford leadership programme. I stayed in China for several months working on different projects related to Chinese economy and technology. After my return to Europe, I got into management consulting and worked in digital transformation projects in retail, finance, pharma and automotive industries, before I got transferred to Singapore where I ended up leading the Transformation Programme for one of the largest Asian Retailers.

I am now back in the UK, setting up a technology start-up, in the social connectivity space. I believe in equal opportunities and am a strong supporter of what intellectually curious people can achieve, regardless of their educational background.

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