Professor Achillefs Kapanidis


BA Thessaloniki, MA Oxf, MSc PhD Rutgers

Professor Achillefs Kapanidis

Professor of Biological Physics


I joined Oxford Physics in 2004 to start a research group that uses ultrasensitive microscopy to study biological machinery involved in gene expression (the path from genes on DNA to functional proteins) and its regulation. We study machines of gene expression by observing single biomachines in real time, "in vitro" and in living cells. Our main tool is single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, a technique that can measure nanometre distances and study molecular interactions in real time (as "molecular movies"). Our work is multidisciplinary, combining diverse disciplines such as optics, spectroscopy, biochemistry, molecular biology, computation, molecular modelling, and signal processing.

My team is a Biological Physics research group within Condensed Matter Physics. We are also linked to the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre (DTC-LSI) and the Wellcome Trust graduate programme in structural biology.



Work related to COVID-19

Professor Kapanidis uses microscopy to investigate COVID-19 infection dynamics. Updates on his research will be posted here.