Miroslav Tallo Bursary

Miroslav Tallo

Miroslav Tallo

The Miroslav Tallo Bursary is available to any student at St Cross College who is suffering distress or hardship due to family circumstances. 

We recognize that dealing with issues like bereavement, serious illness, or sudden caring responsibilities is difficult and complex. This bursary offers practical assistance, helping students process hardship and pursue their academic goals without unnecessary financial obstacles. It reflects the values of compassion, resilience, and communal support within St Cross College.

The Miroslav Tallo Bursary is sponsored by and designed in collaboration with a St Cross College student who recently lost her kind and loving father to addiction. It is named in his memory.

We would like to thank the student for their generosity, which will help ease the burden on St Cross students through their studies. 

Enquiries regarding this bursary should be forwarded to the Bursary & HR Administrator at academic.registrar@stx.ox.ac.uk.