Working with the Media: the do’s and don’ts, the risk and rewards of working with the Press

Location: St Cross College
Date: Wednesday 4 December 2019
Time: 8:30am
Price: Free
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Open to all current University of Oxford members


Join Doug Wigdor for a breakfast roundtable discussing working with the media: the do's and don'ts, the risk and rewards of working with the Press.

The truth is, if your client is high-profile in society, and if the matter is at all made public, he or she will be “on trial by media”, whether he/she is plaintiff, defendant, witness, or oblique to the formal legal proceedings. Another truth is that the media – in the Twitter-verse this surely includes “the third estate” – can be your best ally, your worst enemy, or just another one of the arrows in your quiver. In no case, however, should one lose sight of their client’s best interests, and here we will discuss how to keep the media in proper perspective vis-à-vis their client engagement.