The Resilient Mind Webinar

Location: Online via Zoom 

Date: Friday 6 October 2023

Time: 12:00 (BST)

Register: The Resilient Mind Webinar


As humans we don’t like uncertainty – we often find it threatening. Over the last few months we have faced an extended period of change, disruption and uncertainty – and the uncertainty persists. Many of the difficulties, problems and anxieties created by the pandemic are shared by all of us but some are very personal and related to our own unique set of circumstances. The next year of university will be fundamentally different to anything previous generations have experienced before. Gaining a deeper understanding of the mind can help you promote a calm and resilient response and meet the challenge head on.

Clare Benka will be running a 60-minute webinar designed to help you navigate this time. She will be exploring how you can manage stress and anxiety, provide your friends with much needed support and establish an individual narrative that promotes a positive and proactive response to whatever lies ahead.

The webinar will:

  • Outline the core psychological challenges you are facing
  • Introduce relevant research from psychology that can help you to better manage uncertainty
  • Provide practical insights and advice.