Sustainability Fair

Location: The Hall, St Cross College

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

To attend this event, please book on to lunch. 

Join the College Catering team who will be serving delicious plant based options and explaining some very clever techniques on cutting down food waste and using sustainable ingredients. Chef DJ will explain more about ethically sourced flour he uses in his delicious breads, and stalls will be set up to highlight the benefit of 'waste boxes' cutting down on 'food miles', and more about how the College is thriving to operate more sustainably.

The Sustainability Fair will help support new years resolutions for those aiming to have a healthier lifestyle and better impact on the planet. It's also a fun way of getting back into College routines after the Christmas break.

This video, Catering at St Cross, is available if you wish to learn more about Paul, his team and how they are working to be sustainable in advance of the fair.

And please be sure to book for lunch this day in order to attend. See you there!