St Andrew's Hall

Location: Hall

Date: Tuesday 28 November 2023

Time: 19:00


Please book via the booking system.

Hall bookings open at 8:30 on Monday 2 October 2023.

Hall booking closes each Friday at 10:00.
Members are permitted up to three guests for Hall nights.

Price: £15.15 (Junior Members and Oxford University guests)
£18.15 (Junior Members and Non-Oxford University guests)
£20.25 (Senior Members and their guests)

Dress code: Daily wear and gowns

NOTE: It is dangerous to swap Hall seats without giving prior notice to Events, as mixing up dietary requirements may unintentionally lead to an allergic reaction.

Please contact Events at least 24 hours before Hall to update ticket details (updating dietary requirements can not be guaranteed). Failure to adhere to this policy will result in being turned away at the door, or possibly being banned from Hall events. 



Cullen Skink 


Lamb, Black Pudding & Mustard Hot Pot, Skirlie Mash 

Roasted Vegetable Hot Pot with Skirlie Mash (V)


Dundee Cake, Whisky Cream 




Wine bottles may be purchased at the time of booking
*Members may purchase wine through the booking system for Hall, but must not bring in alcohol from outside College
Three served courses 

For any events queries, contact Justyna on