Newspaper Auction

Location: Common Room 

Date: Friday 29 November 2019

Time: 12:00 (auction starts promptly at 12:00)




Have you ever wondered what happens to the newspapers and magazines after they leave the Common Room?

Then find out by coming to the Common Room Newspaper Auction which is to be held in the Saugman Common Room at 12:00, where you will be able to bid to receive a WHOLE YEAR’S subscription to the individual newspapers and magazines taken by the Common Room.

For each periodical, the successful applicant will find the newspaper/magazine delivered (at no extra cost) to their pigeonhole in College on the day/week/month following publication (depending on the frequency of the periodical). Many of the items are auctioned for ridiculously small sums of money, and so receiving a newspaper or magazine when it is replaced by the latest edition in the Common Room is an ideal way of catching up with articles that you might otherwise miss.

Please note that this is the ONLY way in which periodicals should leave the Saugman Common Room. If you wish to read a newspaper or magazine at leisure in the comfort of your own room and maybe retain articles for future reference, put in a bid for your favourite periodical (or two) at the auction.