Mindfulness in Everyday Life Workshop


Location: Online via Zoom 

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Time: 17:30

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Mindfulness is a practice that tends to confer greater benefits, the more we make it a regular habit. This workshop will build on the previous "Introduction to Mindfulness" workshops which highlighted some of the theoretical and scientific underpinnings of modern mindfulness-based approaches. But how can we cultivate mindfulness in daily life? The session this term will explore how short and highly accessible mindfulness exercises, as well as mindfulness in everyday movement (e.g. walking or routine daily activities) can make it easier to incorporate mindfulness as a daily habit. This workshop will be suitable for anyone with an interest in exploring the practical aspects of mindfulness.


Please send any queries to the Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes) at joanna.ashbourn@stx.ox.ac.uk