Halloween Hall

Location: Hall

Date: 26 October 2021

Time: 19:00

RSVP: Please book via the bookings calendar.

Hall booking closes each Friday at 10:00.
Members are permitted up to three guests for Hall nights.

Price: £11.85 (Junior Members and Oxford University guests)
£14.20 (Non-Oxford guests of Junior Members)
£15.85 (Senior Members and their guests)

Dress code: Daily wear and gowns






Pumpkin & feta tart (V)


Main course

Pork ghoul-ash & celeriac mash

Veg main course

Mould & mildew parcel, celeriac mash 



Trick or treats



Wine bottles may be purchased at the time of booking. 
*Members may purchase wine through the booking system for Hall, but must not bring in alcohol from outside the College
3 served courses