Flash Talk: Education, Politics and Propaganda in the Rhodesian Bush War

Location: Sybil Dodd Room

Date: Wednesday 30 October 2019

Time: 12:00

RSVP: No need to book, all welcome, including guests.





Speaker: St Cross DPhil student Naseemah Y. Mohamed

Abstract: Where does one draw the line between education and propaganda? This talk discusses the battlefront of education in the context of Cold War politics, African liberation movements and the Rhodesian white-settler government during the Zimbabwean liberation war, 1965-1980. The talk explores the instrumentalization of education for diplomacy by the USSR and the West, and as a tool for war by the Rhodesian Government and the Zimbabwean liberation movements. 

About the Flash Talks Series:

Flash talks are 15-20 minute talks from St Cross members, taking place every Wednesday from 12:00. Guests are then invited to have lunch with the speaker in hall (lunch payable at usual prices). If you would like to give your own flash talk, you can apply here.