English Hall

Location: Hall

Date: Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Time: 19:00

RSVP: Please book via the booking system.

Hall booking closes each Friday at 10:00.
Members are permitted up to three guests for Hall nights.

Price: £13.35 (Junior Members and Oxford University guests)
£16.00 (Non-Oxford guests of Junior Members)
£17.85 (Senior Members and their guests)

Dress code: Daily wear and gowns



Scotch egg

Chick pea & chilli egg (V)


Steak & kidney suet pudding, creamy mash

Vegetable suet pudding, creamy mash




Wine bottles may be purchased at the time of booking. 
*Members may purchase wine through the booking system for Hall, but must not bring in alcohol from outside the College
Three served courses