Chevening Fellow discusses “Side Hustle Revolution” in new book

utkarsh amitabh
St Cross College Chevening Fellow 2022, Utkarsh Amitabh, recently published his book “Passion Economy and the Side Hustle Revolution”
Utkarsh Amitabh, holds an INSEAD MBA, is currently a Chevening Fellow at Oxford with contributions to Harvard Business Review, and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at 5ire. Simultaneously, he is the Founder & CEO of Network Capital, globally recognised largest mentorship and career advancement platform. Initially, Network Capital began as a personal passion project during his tenure at Microsoft. In 2020, amid the pandemic, Utkarsh made the decision to resign from his job and commit to Network Capital on a full-time basis. 

In his new book, Utkarsh explores the post Covid-19 "Great Resignation" and the shift from traditional employment. He discusses the rise of the passion economy, where people create multiple income streams by monetizing their interests. This book explains how individuals can now pursue their passions, share their expertise, and achieve financial independence on their terms. 

In his recently published article in Harvard Business Review, "Hard Work Doesn't Always Equal Success," he highlights the importance of working smarter, not just harder, particularly for early-career professionals. The article encourages exploring personal passions, prioritizing impactful tasks using the 80-20 rule, and establishing efficient systems to attain long-term success. 


Heartiest congratulations Utkarsh!