Two St Cross Awarded Professorships

Two St Cross Fellows have had Professorships conferred upon them in the 2022 Recognition of Distinction exercise.  Daniel (Danny) Wilson was made Professor of Disease Genomics, and Francis Leneghan was made Professor of Old English. 

On receiving this recognition, Danny said: “I would like to thank the contributions of past and present students and colleagues.” 

“The recognition is a great honour - it is humbling to see my research recognised by the wider scholarly community,” said Francis, “and to know that my work for the faculty and college is valued within the University.” 

The exercise confers the title of Professor upon individuals engaged in academic or senior research roles who have an excellent and internationally recognised ongoing research record with a significant influence on their field, an outstanding teaching record, and significant involvement in University and/or College life, such as the holding of College offices or service on committees, activities connected to industry, or commitment to public engagement.   

Our congratulations to St Cross Fellows Professor Daniel Wilson and Professor Francis Leneghan! 

Professor Daniel Wilson 

Professor of Disease Genomics 

Danny's research aims to understand how genetics can explain differences in the severity of infection between people. His group at the Big Data Institute develops tools for analysing human and microbial genomes. They have discovered genes that make bacteria more likely to cause deep infections, and more resistant to antibiotics. They have contributed to discoveries of human genes that influence people's susceptibility to COVID-19. He is also Director of Studies in Data Science at the Department for Continuing Education. 

head and shoulders shot of daniel wilson, smiling wearing an open shirt and pullover.
Professor Francis Leneghan 

Professor of Old English 

Francis’s research is split between Old English poetry (especially Beowulf) and the much larger but relatively understudied corpus of Old English prose, including but not limited to works associated with King Alfred. The recognition was presented primarily for research, teaching and administrative duties carried out within the Faculty of English, though it also reflects his work in college, where he have served as President of the Common Room, Sports Fellow and member of Fellowships and Academic committees 

francis leneghan