Students Versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz

Following last term's virtual General Knowledge Quiz between students and Fellows which the students won, a rematch took place by Zoom on Friday 12th March. The two teams of 6 pitted their wits across several different subject rounds including a novel Company Slogans round, once again cleverly devised by Lesley Sanderson, the Master's PA. After each round team members from each side conferred with each other in separate breakout rooms to agree their final answers before scoring.

The Fellows had the lead after the first round but thereafter the students nosed past, sensing victory. However, the final round on St Cross & Oxford proved to be a special strength for the Fellows who scored bumper points and pulled ahead of the students to win by 50 points to 48. The brand new silver trophy for the competition will be engraved to record each term's winning team.

Father Mark Stafford, President of Common Room, once again proved an excellent Quiz Master with ongoing humorous commentary particularly on the pop music questions in the Music round. The teams were led by Sofia Mouchti (Students) and Dr Jo Ashbourn (Fellows) with the evening generating much cross-College conviviality and fun - a tie-breaker match is already scheduled for next term!