Students Versus Fellows General Knowledge Quiz

Friday the 13th proved to hold better luck for some than for others as the students squared off against the Fellows in the College's first General Knowledge Quiz held via Zoom on the 13 November.
Two teams of seven each engaged in a battle of wits across several subject rounds and two Bizarre Trivia rounds cleverly devised by Lesley Sanderson, the Master's PA. After each round team members from each side conferred with each other in separate breakout rooms to reach a consensus on their final answers for scoring. Both students and Fellows alike were stumped by some fiendishly difficult questions such as how many gold bars are owned by the Bank of England - the answer being the two they have on display in the Bank's museum.

But after demonstrating their superior geographical knowledge in the second round, the students pulled ahead. Despite both teams staying almost head to head in the scores for the remaining rounds, the students retained their early lead to go on and win decisively by 68 points to the Fellows' 63.

Father Mark Stafford, President of Common Room, proved an excellent Quiz Master with his dry wit boosting the levels of excitement and suspense for each successive round. The teams were led by Gulnar Abdullayeva (Students) and Dr Jo Ashbourn (Fellows) with the evening fostering lots of cross-College camaraderie and fun - there is already talk of a rematch next year!