Selena Milanovic wins 'Most Innovative Idea' award at the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hackathon

wef hackathon


St Cross student Selena Milanovic (DPhil, Biomedical Engineering, pictured top-right) took part in the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hackathon on 22 May; her team won the 'Most Innovative Idea' award. 'I was eager to contribute to a human-centred design of COVID-19 recovery plans,' Selena says. 'My team and I drafted a policy memo, proposing the launch of the “Wommie” platform, which in collaboration with the Oxford City Council could link vulnerable individuals with volunteers in the area who can offer safe temporary accommodation.'

The Policy Hack event aimed to find interdisciplinary solutions to speed Oxford's recovery from the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Selena's proposal addresses issues including homelessness, unemployment, and domestic abuse within Oxford, but its ramifications could see use across the UK. 'Working on this project has been incredibly rewarding,' Selena added. 'I can only hope that starting from Oxford, a city known for its generosity, we will be able to facilitate community-wide collaboration for truly impactful change.'