Selena Milanovic wins accolades at VPH Conference

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Selena Milanovic (DPhil, Biomedical Engineering) won a pair of awards at the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) Conference from 24-28 August 2020. On 25 August, she won the Medtronic Lightning Round Competition, where she pitched her DPhil research in only three minutes using only three slides. 'Very often there is a significant gap between scientific advance and community engagement', Selena remarked 'because of the inaccessibility of scientific articles to the general public. Receiving the award... [is] an incentive to continue disseminating science beyond the academic walls.'

She also won the Best Poster Award for her poster 'Metabolic sensitivity governs cerebral blood flow in a whole brain model', which  highlights the role of ineffective metabolic signalling in the development of brain degenerative diseases. 'Receiving the prize for the best poster is a great honour for both me and my supervisor, Professor Stephen Payne', Selena added. 'We view this award as a token of the impact of brain modelling and are also glad to have successfully engaged with the attendees virtually!'