Selena Milanovic Presents Research in Parliament

selena milanovic

St Cross DPhil student Selena Milanovic presented at the 2020 STEM for BRITAIN event in Parliament on 9 March 2020. Her poster, 'A Mathematical Model of Metabolically Driven Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation', discussed how brain degenerative diseases start at a length scale that is too small to be studied with imaging techniques. She designs mathematical models that aim to show us what pictures hide and can help us elucidate the relationship between brain blood flow and nutrient consumption. 'I hope that my research and participation will incite more young girls to pursue a career in an environment that is still male-dominated', Selena said.

STEM for BRITAIN aims to bridge the gap between scientific advance and policy implementation by offering a platform for communication between academic and government bodies. Selena's groundbreaking project elucidates the potential of engineering techniques in a clinical context by highlighting their impact on UK healthcare.


Riley Lewis

Thursday 19 March 2020