Rana Mitter discusses China's response to COVID-19

Rana Mitter discusses China's response to COVID-19

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Rana Mitter, St Cross Fellow, former Vice-Master and Professor of Modern History and Politics of China, has been active voice in analyzing the Chinese response to the outbreak of COVID-19. On 13 April, Rana spoke with the BBC on how the outbreak of COVID-19 has pit trust of two institutions, the Communist Party and the medical community, against each other. In the Institute of Art and Ideas, he shared in an article how the distinct ideologies of Confucianism and communism have guided said response.

'At this time,' Rana added, 'it's very important to understand the role of China in the virus crisis and base our assessment on facts, not myths.  St Cross is fortunate in having  a body of fellows working on China and long and rich relationships with Chinese students, postdocs, and alumni.'


Riley Lewis

28 April 2020