Alumnus Paul Larcey explores 'How Worlds Collapse' in recent book


Paul Larcey, an alumnus of St Cross (MSc (Res) in Materials, 1992) has co-authored a newly released book "How worlds collapse -What history, systems, and complexity can teach us about our modern world and fragile future". 

The book, published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, presents case studies of societies that faced either collapse or overcame cataclysmic adversity. The authors identify shared characteristics between past civilizations and our contemporary society, tracing patterns, strategies, and early warning signs that can offer valuable insights for decision-making in the present. Despite the unique challenges of today's world, many mechanisms, dynamics, and fundamental challenges to the foundations of civilization have exhibited consistency throughout history. These observations underscore crucial lessons for the future. 

Paul Larcey currently serves as the Founder and CEO of bForm technologies, a company that primarily focuses on the construction and infrastructure sector. Their primary objective is to enhance cost control in the design of complex construction projects through meticulous risk management of every element in the supply chain. 

After pursuing Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Oxford, Paul Larcey proceeded to obtain an MBA in Corporate Finance from Imperial College London. He possesses a strong passion for facilitating the construction process to adopt a more systematic and methodological approach while ensuring cost-effectiveness. 

In 2016, Paul successfully concluded his studies for a Construction Engineering master's at Cambridge University, further honing his expertise in this field. 

Paul, congratulations on your accomplishments!