Organization Theory and... Game of Thrones?

fiona moore book

You know nothing, Jon Snow!  

Just what do Games of Thrones and Organization Theory have in common? 

Alumna Fiona Moore (DPhil Social and Cultural Anthropology, 1997), a Professor of Business Anthropology at Royal Holloway University of London’s School of Business and Management, recently published Management Lessons from Game of Thrones: Organization Theory and Strategy in Westeros

Unconventional in its approach, Fiona’s book looks at aspects of Westerosi society and politics from an anthropological and organizational studies angle. It shows both how management theory influenced the world-building in the Game of Thrones franchise, and how students, academics and managers can draw on the series to further enhance their understanding of concepts in human resource management and organization theory. 

“Contrasting leadership styles, charismatic CEOs, toxic hierarchies and contested takeovers: these are the timbers that underpin the narratives of Game of Thrones and business school curricula,” says Carolyne Larrington, a professor at the University of Oxford. 

“If we learn best through stories that bring to vivid life the key principles of human existence, then the analysis of contemporary capitalism, global enterprise and the humane management of people within systems all come brilliantly to life in Fiona Moore’s lively, accessible and intriguing introduction to organizational theory.”  

Fiona’s book will prove a key resource for students and scholars in areas such as business leadership, human resource management and organization studies looking for new and entertaining ways of understanding the theory behind management.  

Readers can be both entertained and educated in chapters such as: The King in the North and the King in the South: types of organizations; Mother of Dragons: leadership, promotion and succession planning; and The Lannisters send their regards: strategy, mergers and acquisitions, or weddings and warfare. 

Management Lessons from Game of Thrones is published by Edward Elgar Publishing

Congratulations, Fiona, on this intriguing new book!