Nature group journal publishes paper by St Cross Fellow and DPhil Student


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Starting clockwise TL: Anuraag Vazirani, Sebastian Porsdam Mann, Julian Savulescu, Tony McCaffrey


The collaborative work of distinguished St Cross Fellow Professor Julian Savulescu , and Sebastian Porsdam Mann, a final-year DPhil student at St Cross, alongside Anuraag Vazirani (a medical student at the University of Oxford), and Tony McCaffrey (an accomplished AI researcher) has resulted in the publication of a significant paper in the Nature group journal, Scientific Reports. Their work introduces Innovation Enhancing Techniques (IETs) to address challenges in healthcare and biomedicine, offering a versatile framework for creative solutions.

According to co-author Sebastian Mann, in the face of a slowdown in healthcare and biomedicine innovation, there is an immediate call for fresh approaches to assist researchers and entrepreneurs. A collaborative research endeavour by the University of Oxford and the National University of Singapore introduces Innovation Enhancing Techniques (IETs), leveraging engineering problem-solving methods.

Moreover, Sebastian mentions that devised by Dr. Tony McCaffrey, these techniques counter biases in conventional brainstorming, emphasizing the Obscure Features Hypothesis for innovative solutions. Initially crafted for tangible engineering problems, IETs have now proven successful in addressing healthcare challenges. Published in Scientific Reports, the study highlights the adaptability of IETs through a case study involving blockchain technology and ethical objectives, resulting in 100 potential solutions. The versatile framework of these techniques, BrainSwarming and Generic Parts Technique, holds the promise of substantial societal benefits by fostering creative ideas across disciplines.


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Read the full paper here.