Alumna Dr Selena Milanovic Receives Royal Invite to Saudi

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From left to right: Dr Ghazi Binzagr (Shura Council Member), Dr Maliha Hashmi (Co-Head of Healthcare at NEOM), Dr Selena Milanovic and Mrs Hoda Helaissi (Shura Council Member)

St Cross alumna Dr Selena Milanovic (DPhil Engineering, 2017), a young leader in healthcare, was recently invited by the Government and Royal Family of Saudi Arabia to visit the Kingdom. 

“This was a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the tremendous transformation the Kingdom has undergone in the last few years.” she said. “In parallel with the recent social reforms that have shaped the country, research institutes such as the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have flourished.” 

Established in 2009, KAUST aims to be a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world. The University currently educates and trains master’s and doctoral students, supported by an academic community of faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and research scientists.   

“International scientists and world-renown professors are now joining KAUST’s avant-garde labs, having an unparalleled chance at fully dedicating their time to research as external grant applications are rarely necessary,” says Selena. 

As an expert in MedTech and healthcare, Selena was also introduced to the Saudi 2030 vision of digital hospitals and NEOM.

"Meeting Dr Maliha Hashmi, Top seven female health leader of MENA and Forbes Health Leadership Award recipient, was one of the highlights of this trip. Together we discussed the future of medical care and how the West and Saudi can learn from each other to get there.”  

Next to being exposed to science and industry leaders of the country, Selena also joined panel discussions with members of the Shura Council and Prince Turki Al Faisal Al-Saud.  

“Ultimately, being a guest at Prince Turki’s house and learning from him on Saudi’s past and present was an experience I will forever cherish and one which has indubitably shaped my vision of the future of healthcare and beyond,” says Selena.  

Congratulations, Selena on this exciting experience! 

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Prince Turki Al Faisal Al-Saud and Dr Selena Milanovic