Michael Sharpe elected President of ACLP

Michael Sharpe elected President of ACLP


Professor Michael Sharpe, a Saint Cross Fellow and Professor of Psychological Medicine, has been elected the 65th President and Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (ACLP).  ACLP is an international organisation, based in the USA, that aims to improve the psychiatric care of people with medical illnesses.

Professor Sharpe received the ACLP gavel from the previous President, Rebecca Weintraub Brendel of Harvard University during the ACLP 2019 annual meeting in San Diego. 'I am deeply honoured as a Fellow of the College to be elected President of this world leading organisation', Sharpe said. 'ACLP advocates for better psychiatric care of the medically ill – a topic I have devoted my career to.' 

Michael Sharpe and Rebecca Weintraub Brendel


Riley Lewis
2 December 2019



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